3 Things I Can't Do (via tita buds' blog)

If you take a close look at the photo, you can picture my logic in reblogging this! It’s funny, I spend 99.99% of my time focusing on the things that I CAN do rather than the things I can’t do. Interestingly enough, the proverb renders some food for thought. Tell me what you think!

3 Things I Can't Do An Irish proverb goes: Three things cannot be taught: Generosity, poetry and a singing voice. I agree — starlets who've taken voice lessons for years demonstrate the truth in that last one everyday — but if I were asked about the things that it seems cannot be taught to me, these essential skills would top the list: 1.  Cook without a recipe How I envy those who can cook from memory or by invention. Cooking does not come naturally to me. My i … Read More

via tita buds' blog


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